National Geographic September 1924


Crossing the Libyan Desert { Crossing the Untraversed Libyan Desert: The Record of a 2, 200- Mile Journey of Exploration Which Resulted in the Discovery of Two Oases of Strategic Importance on the Southwestern Frontier of Egypt}
With the encouragement of King Fuad I, the author surveys an extraordinary desert route from the Mediterranean through Libya and Anglo- Egyptian Sudan to the White Nile.
Zigzagging Across Sicily
The lemon industry of this island at the toe of the Italian boot has been overtaken by that of California, and the sulfur mines by those of Louisiana. Now Sicily’s chief export to the United States seems to be its people.
The Most Valuable Bird in the World
To date, prospectors have taken one billion dollars in guano from the islands off Peru. It is deposited by the guanay, a communal, continuously breeding cormorant that feasts on anchovies in the fecund Humboldt Current.

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