National Geographic February 1920


Where the World Gets Its Oil: But Where Will Our Children Get It When American Wells Cease to Flow?
In just 60 years petroleum and its products have become the lifeblood of the war and will be still more the lifeblood of peace. Already the U. S. consumes more than it produces. For the nation’s future well- being, it is essential that we use our reso;
The Removal of the North Sea Mine Barrage
Dismantling the 6, 000- square- mile minefield laid between Norway and the Orkney Islands during World War I has required a delicacy and genius matching that of the original achievement.
Skiing Over the New Hampshire Hills: A Thrilling and Picturesqe Sport Which Has a Thousand Devotees in the Dartmouth Outing Club
In winter, the men of Dartmouth College join the Outing Club and enjoy the local mountains by snowshoe or ski.
Winter Rambles in Thoreau’s Country
It takes a man of genius to travel in his own country, in his native village, wrote the genius of the university of fields and woods around Concord, Massachusetts.

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