National Geographic September 1919


The Isle of Capri: An Imperial Residence and Probable Wireless Station of Ancient Rome
Capri held a place in ancient Roman history as an imperial residence, and today is a probable wireless signalling station.
Shantung- -China’s Holy Land
Confucius’ place of birth and burial, this densely populated Province around sacred Tai Shan plays host to hordes of pilgrims.
Shattered Capitals of Central America
While the man- made cataclysms of the Great War have monopolized the world’s attention, the destructive forces of nature have wrought utter devastation on the capitals of Central America.
The Descendants of Confucius
Having been exposed to the West, the vast reservoir of labor of Shantung Province is set to exercise its strength and modernize.
America’s South Sea Soldiers
The courageous and dashing Fita- Fitas, native soldiers of American Samoa, proudly serve the United States in our often forgotten South Seas territory.

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