National Geographic May 1914


Birds of Town and Country
Natural histories of common species of birds in the United States, with 64 color pictures by Louis Agassiz Fuertes.
A Naturalist’s Journey Around Vera Cruz and Tampico
The short distance between Veracruz, on the Gulf, and the mountains around Mexico City is a journey from equatorial to boreal regions, from perpetual summer to constant snow. A change in altitude of three miles makes in turn for a huge and practically u;
Mexico and Mexicans
South of the border is a land of physical contrasts and social paradox – – a nation of immense natural riches yet grinding human poverty, of the hemisphere’s oldest university yet a people who are uneducated, and of a laudable constitution yet rulers wh
A Mexican Hacienda: Life on One of the Baronial Estates of Our Southern Neighbor
The author describes what he discovered during a year spent on a Mexican estate – – a plantation as large as the state of Connecticut, where the owner’s rambling mansion covers several acres, yet 2, 000 peons are crowded into windowless adobe hovels.

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