National Geographic September 1917


Practical Patriotism
Doing their bit to support the American war effort, the National Geographic Society staff donates printing and production services – – as well as staff- made sweaters and bandages – – to the cause.
War and the Corner Drug Store { The Geography of Medicines: War’s Effect Upon the World’s Sources of Supply}
Medicinal drugs find their way into the commercial pipeline by way of many strange conveyances, including camel caravans in Persia and side- wheel steamers in the Amazon.
Conserving the Nation’s Man Power: Disease Weakens Armies, Cripples Industry, Reduces Production. How the Government is Sanitating the Civil Zones Around Cantonment Areas. A Nation- wide Campaign for Health
The article examines how disease weakens armies and industries and describes the steps being taken to combat such scourges as typhoid fever, smallpox, and malaria.
A Few Glimpses into Russia
The author states that autocracy has always been foreign to the Russian spirit. Describing the contributions of his countrymen, and the cultural soil in which literature, science, and music flourish, he declares that a free Russia, by her development, w;
The Winning Weapon- -Food { The Weapon of Food}
In the second of his national addresses on the subject, the National Food Administrator examines the policies of food economics and distribution, warning against vicious price speculation.
The Food Armies of Liberty
U. S. Food Administrator Herbert Hoover explains the dire need of supplying food to our Allies, our first line of defense in the Great World War.

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