National Geographic February 1915


The National Geographic Society
At a meeting of the Board of Managers, O. H. Tittmann was unanimously elected President of the National Geographic Society.
A Wonderland of Science
Inside the U. S. Bureau of Standards all manner of wondrous measuring devices – – some capable of weighing an object to the 1/ 100, 000, 000th part – – protect us from false readings, while guaranteeing the integrity of our number- hungry science and tec
A City of Realized Dreams
Rising from the ashes and rubble of the great 1906 earthquake, San Francisco rebuilds to host the Panama Pacific International Exposition.
Europe’s Endangered Fish Supply: The War and the North Sea Fisheries
In the midst of World War I, fishing boats sweep the seas for mines instead of seining for fish, creating a serious shortage in Europe.
The Story of Machu Picchu: The National Geographic Society- Yale University Explorations in Peru { The Story of Machu Picchu: The Peruvian Expeditions of the National Geographic Society and Yale University}
Yale professor Hiram Bingham describes the mysterious Inca city that he began excavating, high in the Andes, in 1912.
Mu?nster- -The Town of Many Gables { The Town of Many Gables}
The church spires and gabled houses of Munster are the initial stop on this German tour of towns and cities in the Harz Mountains.

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