National Geographic October 1967


Threatened Glories of Everglades National Park
Because of flood- control measures and draining land for farms and homes, natural water seepage into the park has been altered, endangering its myriad plants and animals.
Science Explores the Monsoon Sea: Indian Ocean Unveiled on a Dramatic New Map
Findings from the International Indian Ocean Expedition’s research about the ocean’s floor, water, marine life, and winds, went into the Indian Ocean Floor map accompanying this issue.
Madagascar: Island at the End of the Earth
The thousand- mile- long nation off southeast Africa is home to diverse peoples of African, Asian, and Arab descent, as well as plants and animals that exist nowhere else on Earth.
Re- creating Madagascar’s Giant Extinct Bird
Studying fossil bones, staff artist Walter A. Weber paints a scientific reconstruction of Aepyornis, a flightless bird ten feet tall.
National Geographic Society Trustees Elect Key Executives
The Society announces the promotion of executives and outlines their past contributions to the Society.

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