National Geographic October 1954


From Barra to Butt in the Hebrides: Scotland’s Outer Islands, a Nice, Quiet Place, Offer the Traveler Hospitality, Rugged Scenery, and Serenity in a Noisy World
Scotland’s Outer Hebrides islands offer the traveler hospitality, rugged scenery, and tranquillity in a noisy world.
The Peary Flag Comes to Rest: Dauntless Robert E. Peary’s Daughter Tells the Story of the Historic Standard Presented by Her Mother to the National Geographic Society
The battered U. S. flag hoisted by Robert E. Peary at the North Pole has found an appropriate home in Explorers Hall of the National Geographic Society. His daughter, Marie Peary Stafford, tells its story.
Hunting Uranium Around the World: Lured by Rich Rewards, Prospectors Search from Desert to Arctic for New Supplies of This Magic Fuel of the Atomic Age
The discovery of atomic energy has unleashed demand for uranium ore. Prospectors around the world employ new technology to search for this vital fuel.
Williamsburg: Its College and Its Cinderella City: Virginia’s Colonial Capital, Complete from Apothecary to Wigmaker, Flourishes Again as a Vivid Re- creation of the American Past
The College of William and Mary has been an active participant in the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg. Now the former Virginia capital presents a living portrait of the early days of American society.
Spearing Lions with Africa’s Masai: These Spartan, Aristocratic Warriors, Scornful of Civilization, Fearlessly Hunt Big Game with Spears and Swords
The Masai, feared tribe of East Africa, have retreated to a 38, 000- square mile reserve where they try to preserve their traditional way of life against encroaching modernity.

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