National Geographic November 2020

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National Geographic November 2020 Highlights:

Life With COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has changed how we come into the world, live in it, and leave it.

The First 100 Days

How the virus spread across the globe.

Coronavirus, Explained

How the virus attacks the human body.

The Devastating Year

COVID-19 dominated life in 2020 and left many wondering, what will recovery look like?

Letter to My Generation

The pandemic has hit 18- to 25-year-olds hard. But don’t dismiss us as Generation Screwed.

What a Community Lost

Larry Hammond’s death resounds within the organizations he loved.

A Care Crisis: Belgium

Overextended medical teams care for COVID-19 patients and listen to their fears. “If I don’t do this,” one nurse asks, “who will?”

In Science We Must Trust

After watching scientists debate, restate, and learn on the fly how to battle COVID-19, we should trust their work even more.

Lives Upended Indonesia

The pandemic that filled graveyards also emptied streets. Still, people ventured out for essentials: religious observances and food.

Let’s Not Waste This Moment

Will the pandemic have a lasting effect on how we treat planet Earth? It could – if it changes our thinking.

Lockdown Pain: Jordan

Strict isolation measures held down the COVID-19 death toll but heightened joblessness and hardship, especially for refugees.

Impoverished by COVID-19

The pandemic has hit the poor extremely hard and is projected to put 100 million more in extreme poverty by the end of 2020.

A Wealth Gap: Kenya

In Nairobi the virus looks very different to the affluent in spacious compounds than it does to the impoverished in crowded settlements.

The Times Test Our Humanity

We are reminded – by the pandemic and by social justice demonstrations – of the global ills and inequities that need our attention.

Lopsided Loss: United States

In three hard-hit areas, a photographer hears bereaved people’s stories of losing their loved ones to COVID-19 or its complications.


On The Cover:

From a hospital in La Louviere, Belgium, this image shows a CT scan of the chest area and lungs of a 69-year-old patient with COVID-19.

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