National Geographic November 1988


Honey Hunters of Nepal
High in the Himalayan foothills, fearless Gurung men risk their lives to harvest the massive nests of the world’s largest honeybee. Text and photographs by Eric Valli and Diane Summers.
Mapping Mount Everest { Mapping the Third Pole; Mount Everest: Surveying the Third Pole}
Space- age technology provides a brilliant new look at the central Himalaya in a double map supplement, the most accurate portrait of the Everest region ever produced. Project leader Bradford Washburn relates its history.
Down the Cayman Wall
By submersible, shark expert Eugenie Clark explores a kaleidoscope of marine organisms living along a 3, 200- foot underwater escarpment off Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean.
Long Journey of the Brahmaputra
From Tibet’s lofty passes through India to the floodplains of Bangladesh Jere Van Dyk follows the storied river whose course was a mystery for centuries. Raghubir Singh and Galen Rowell photograph the scenic region shared by Buddhists, Hindus, and Musli
Mission to Mars
A U. S. -Soviet manned voyage could answer age- old riddles about Earth’s neighbor planet. Former astronaut Michael Collins describes a fight scenario for the year 2004, with photographs by Roger H. Ressmeyer and artwork by Pierre Mion and Roy Andersen.
A Rare Visit to a World Unto Itself
Photographer and author Raghubir Singh was granted extremely rare government permission to travel and photograph in the far northeastern frontier of India, an area claimed by China.
Exploring Cradle Earth
The splendor of Mount Everest, captured by William Thompson in unique aerial photographs, epitomizes the human urge to view the unknown. Editor Wilbur E. Garrett keynotes an issue dedicated to exploration.
Roof of the World
A short essay on the various attempts by mountaineers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Photographs by William Thompson.
Heavy Hands on the Land
The crush of tourists in the Himalayan range and the needs of the local Tibetan and Nepalese populations take a serious toll, writes Larry Kohl. Photographs by William Thompson and Galen Rowell.
A Fragile Heritage: The Mighty Himalaya { The Mighty Himalaya: A Fragile Heritage}
Geographer Barry C. Bishop, who scaled Mount Everest a quarter of a century ago, describes today’s battle between conservationists and commercial interests in Asia’s loftiest mountain system.

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