National Geographic November 1977


Ancient Europe Is Older Than We Thought
Bristlecone pines in the American West help establish new dates for Stonehenge and other monuments, and lead to some startling ideas about how human cultures developed and spread. Colin Renfrew and Adam Woolfitt report.
The Inuit of Umingmaktok: Still Eskimo, Still Free { Still Eskimo, Still Free: The Inuit of Umingmaktok}
Accepting only what they want of the 20th century’s blandishments, a handful of Canadian aborigines refuse to let the outside world destroy their way of life. By Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott.
Kauai, the Island That’s Still Hawaii
Ethel A. Starbird studies a classic dilemma of our time: Hordes of tourists and would- be residents threaten the very beauty that draws them to the fiftieth state’s Garden Island. Photographs, including a special portfolio, by Robert W. Madden.
Montenegro, the Black Mountain { Montenegro: Yugoslavia’s Black Mountain }
Bryan Hodgson and Linda Bartlett find this smallest of Yugoslavia’s six republics grappling with an unfamiliar problem – – peace – – after centuries of bloody warfare.
Brazil Tames Her Wild Frontier { Brazil’s Wild Frontier: Treasure Chest or Pandora’s Box? }
By jungle plane, jeep, riverboat, and foot, Loren McIntyre explores the largest remaining American wilderness.
Cumberland, Our Newest National Seashore { Cumberland, My Island for a While}
Rivaling Cape Cod in seaside splendor, one of Georgia’s Golden Isles becomes a national treasure. Jodi Cobb and John Pennington record the transition as the keep out signs come down.

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