National Geographic November 1969


Bali by the Back Roads
Meandering the byways of Indonesia’s garden isle leads to an understanding of a pageant- rich culture that encompasses Hindu rites, trance dancing, and classical Balinese ballet.
The Investiture of Great Britain’s Prince of Wales
Queen Elizabeth II crowns her eldest son, Charles, as the 21st Prince of Wales on July 1, 1969, in London.
San Francisco Bay, the Westward Gate
Discovered by Europeans 200 years ago, the great California bay now caters to four and a half million residents along its shores.
Florida’s Emerging Seminoles
Descendants of tribes of the Creek Confederacy who fled from Georgia in the 1700s, some Seminoles are seeking jobs and degrees beyond their own people.
Stalking the Mountain Lion- -to Save Him
Wildlife researchers slough through Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains to learn the solitary way of life of an illusive predator.

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