National Geographic November 1958


The Upper Mississippi: Between Lake Itasca and Cairo, Old Man River Grows Up
Born of Minnesota’s Lake Itasca, about a hundred miles from Canada, the upper reaches of Old Man River first carried a white man’s canoe in 1673.
Oil Riches, Land Poverty, Ambitious Leaders, and Emotional Peoples Create Tensions in The Arab World
More than a dozen nations share religion, culture, and language. Will they unite as one realm?
‘ Known but to God’ : Unknown Heroes of Two Wars Receive a Nation’s Tribute in Reverent Ceremony at Arlington’s National Cemetery
Unknown soldiers of World War II and the Korean War are laid to rest in an Arlington National Cemetery tomb memorializing thousands of unidentified fallen servicemen.
The Emperor’s Private Garden: Kashmir
Neighboring countries have fought for control of this mountainous but enticing green region of shimmering lakes and breathtaking scenery.
The Booming Sport of Water Skiing: Daredevils on Skittering Planks Dramatize the Thrill of Flight At the End of a Rope
Taking a sport to new heights, bold athletes enjoy the acrobatic appeal of night- jumping, parasailing, and skimming the water barefoot.

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