National Geographic November 1955


Beyond Everest: First Ascents of 23 Peaks and a Daring Rescue from a Crevasse Mark an Expedition Led by a Conqueror of Earth’s Highest Mountain
Whether cutting steps in snow or rescuing a fallen comrade, Sir Edmund Hillary pursues Himalayan peaks with legendary nerve and skill.
Fresh Treasures from Egypt’s Ancient Sands: Archeologists Add a Funerary Boat, Step Pyramid, and Temple to the Priceless Heritage of Relics of the Pharaohs
Archaeologists add a funerary boat, step pyramid, and temple to the priceless heritage of relics of the pharaohs.
Wealth and Wonder of Northern State Trees: Pines, Oaks, and Maples- -Species That Housed American Colonists- -Are Favored Arboreal Symbols of the Cooler Tier of States
State trees of the northern U. S. are detailed by writer William A. Dayton and artist Walter A. Weber.
Kings Point: Maker of Mariners: The Young U. S. Merchant Marine Academy Combines Theory, Sea Experience, and Tradition in Preparing Ships’ Officers
The U. S. Merchant Marine Academy combines theory, sea experience, and tradition in preparing ships’ officers. The 12- year- old academy shows colors as spirited as its older cousins at Annapolis and West Point.
Twentieth Anniversary of the Epoch- making Stratosphere Flight by [ Explorer II]
In 1935, new levels of aviation research were inspired when a balloon ascended to 72, 395 feet from South Dakota’s Stratobowl and demonstrated that man could survive in the stratosphere.
Immigrants Still Flock to Liberty’s Land
Albert W. Atwood focuses on the individual faces in the flood of immigrants flowing into the U. S. by ship and plane.

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