National Geographic November 1953


Fishing in the Whirlpool of Charybdis: A Scientist Harvests Weird Creatures Tossed Up from the Depths by Churning Waters in the Storied Strait of Messina
A scientist harvests weird creatures, tossed up from the depths of the Mediterranean by churning waves, in the storied Strait of Messina.
Native’s Return to Norway: An Old World Town Takes Back to Its Heart an Emigrant Son, Home After a Quarter Century to Visit Family and Haunts of Youth
The author returns to the small Norwegian town that he left 25 years before.
Mount Vernon Lives On: A Century of Patriotic Labor Has Restored George Washington’s Old Home as He and Martha Knew It
Thanks to a hundred years of effort by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association of the Union, the ancestral home of George and Martha Washington has been restored.
Cruising Japan’s Inland Sea: Voyaging Americans Brave Whirlpools and Tide Rips to Explore the Secluded Beauty of an Island World
Disregarding warnings about the dangers of whirlpools and shifting tides, the author and his wife hire a small boat and sail from end to end on Japan’s Inland Sea, a distance of 250 miles.
Crete, Cradle of Western Civilization: With United States Help, Hard- working Cretans Have Erased War’s Scars from Their Historic Bomb- rocked Island
With help from the United States, the citizens of Crete have restored their ancient island to health and prosperity, following the devastation wrought by World War II.
We Lived in Turbulent Tehran: An American Quaker Educator’s Wife Tells of Housekeeping for Two Years in the Colorful, Strife- torn Capital of Iran
From Afghanistan, the Cresson family moved on to Tehran, capital of Iran and the nerve center of an impending civil war. Mrs. Cresson describes the trials of housekeeping within the sound of gunfire.
Franklin L. Fisher
Franklin L. Fisher, Illustrations Editor of the magazine, died suddenly in Los Angeles on August 11, 1953. His contributions to the Society and to the field of color photography will long be remembered.

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