National Geographic November 1945


The White War in Norway
Norway’s white war saw fierce resistance and eventual triumph over Nazi invaders during World War II.
Behind the Mask of Modern Japan
The behavior of Japanese soldiers during World War II often puzzled their American counterparts. Willard Price visits a small Japanese village and finds attitudes and cultural behavior little changed from the era of the shoguns.
Taming the Outlaw Missouri River
Frederick Simpich describes the massive effort undertaken by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Reclamation Bureau, and other government agencies, to control flooding and soil erosion caused by the Missouri River.
American Soldier in Reykjavi?k
American soldiers stationed in Iceland find the climate more moderate and the culture more modern than they had originally anticipated.
Victory’s Portrait in the Marianas
The author travels the Pacific theater of war, in his role as a combat artist during World War II.

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