National Geographic November 1932


A New World to Explore: In the Tree- Roof of the British Guiana Forest Flourishes Much Hitherto- Unknown Life
A rolling, wind- tossed sea of green, the tree canopy world of South America yields abundant animal life distinct from the creatures of the forest floor.
Photographing the Eclipse of 1932 from the Air: From Five Miles Above the Earth’s Surface, the National Geographic Society- Army Air Corps Survey Obtains Successful Photographs of the Moon’s Shadow
Amidst the massive hype surrounding the 1932 total eclipse of the sun, Army officers photograph the event from the sky using three specially designed cameras.
Observing a Total Eclipse of the Sun: Dimming Solar Light for a Few Seconds Entails Years of Work for Science and Attracts Throngs to Nature’s Most Magnificent Spectacle
The director of the Georgetown College Observatory explains the science behind the solar eclipse of August 1932, which put New Hampshire, Maine, and eastern Canada in the heart of the darkness.
From the Mediterranean to the Yellow Sea by Motor: The Citro├źn- Haardt Expedition Successfully Completes Its Dramatic Journey
Overcoming myriad difficulties, the members of the dramatic auto expedition not only test their mettle but record many details of Asian life unfamiliar to the West.
The Maid of France Rides By: Compi├Ęgne, Where Joan of Arc Fought Her Last Battle, Celebrates Her Fifth Centenary
A grandiose medieval pageant in Compiegne, France, honors Joan of Arc at the site where she led her army for the last time.
Ralph A. Graves
The Society informs members of the death of Ralph A. Graves, Senior Assistant Editor and contributor of several stories to the magazine.

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