National Geographic May 1939


The Mystery of Auroras: National Geographic Society and Cornell University Study Spectacular Displays in the Heavens
The National Geographic Society and Cornell University’s Physics Department begin a three- year study of various auroral displays.
Exploring Frozen Fragments of American History: On the Trail of Early Eskimo Colonists Who Made a 55- Mile Crossing from the Old World to the New
Archaeologists travel to Alaska’s Cape Prince of Wales on the Bering Strait, where they believe Eskimos first landed at least 2, 000 years ago on their 55- mile sea voyage from Siberia to Alaska.
As Sa?o Paulo Grows: Half the World’s Coffee Beans Flavor the Life and Speed the Growth of an Inland Brazil City
Growing increasingly cosmopolitan, Sao Paulo continues to export coffee and cotton against a modern backdrop of nightclubs, theaters, high- rises, and parks.
Highlights of the Volunteer State: Men and Industry in Tennessee Range from Pioneer Stages to Modern Machine Age
The land of Old Hickory is still an agricultural hotbed where farmers raise corn, cotton, and cattle. The Volunteer State has industrialized, however, and also produces boiler tubes and baseballs.
Gentle Folk Settle Stern Saguenay: On French Canada’s Frontier Homespun Colonists Keep the Customs of Old Norman Settlers
Through harsh winters and ephemeral summers, French Canadians live tenuously along the Saguenay River, a region originally home to the Montagnais Indians.

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