National Geographic March 2021


National Geographic March 2021 Highlights:


Our Obsession With Mars Missions

Since sky-watchers in the third millennium B.C. described it as a “wandering star,” Mars has fascinated people on Earth. It so intrigues us that by this month, 11 spacecraft and rovers are expected to be on or near the red planet.

Imprisoned While Innocent

Thanks to scrutiny of the actions of prosecutors, public defenders, and police, as well as advances in DNA analysis and other sorts of forensic testing, 182 people have been found innocent and exonerated from death row since 1972.

A Line in the Mountains

The story behind boundaries on the world’s highest battlefield.

Greyhound Racing

Critics of the dogs’ treatment spur the end of tracks, race betting.

The ‘Train Ladies’ of Ukraine

A tradition as old as rail travel in Ukraine, these safety signal officers work in tiny houses at rail crossings, and help keep things on track.

Natural Disasters?

Maybe climate change harms should be called what they are: man-made natural disasters.

Life After Fire

Ecosystem engineers, black-backed wood-peckers are built for life amid partially burned trees.

From Lethal Trap to Artful Treasure

Snares that once killed Uganda’s wildlife now support communities.

Setting Rivers Free

Human influences have negatively affected the flows of most of Earth’s 10 longest rivers.


On The Cover:

We’ve been fascinated for millennia by Mars, seen here in images taken by (from top) the European Space Agency’s Mars Express, and the Viking Orbiter 1.

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