National Geographic April 2021


National Geographic April 2021 Highlights:


The Deadly Cost of Dirty Air

Pollution causes millions of premature deaths.

Where There’s Fire, There’s Toxic Smoke

The poisonous effects of wildfire smoke linger.

Return of the Florida Panther

Development imperils this cat’s comeback.

The Bugs Up High

A novel study looks at insect life far above the Amazon forest floor.

Mathematicians and Their Chalkboards

With the rise of screens and whiteboards, are chalkboards obsolete? No, say the calculating souls who solve complex problems on them.

The Legacy of Land

To Black American families, soil has never been simple. It represents dreams, loss, injustice, self-reliance.

My Everest Photo

I had a dim view of Everest ascents – until I made one. What I found surprised me.

A Perfumed History

In the “perfume capital of India,” an ancient alchemy distills petals into fragrance.

Wild Alaska

America’s least visited national park boasts nearly 8.5 million acres of rugged beauty.


Tea and Diplomacy

Video Call Fallout

Beetle Meets Bottle



On The Cover:

The air in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is polluted in part by burning fossil fuels, as from this coal-fired power plant near the edge of the city.

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