National Geographic March 1999


North Florida Springs { Unlocking the Labyrinth of North Florida Springs}
Cave divers probe the dark depths of these natural fountains to puzzle out the intricacies of Florida’s flooded basement.
Heart of the Sahara { Journey to the Heart of the Sahara}
Through a land ravaged by war, poverty, and the relentless desert sun, two men travel 4, 000 miles in a modern- day caravan in search of an ancient way of life.
The Desert From Aloft { Riding the Wind: Photographing the Sahara From Aloft}
Taking to the sky with a paraglider, a motorized backpack, and three gallons of gas, a daring photographer gains an extraordinary perspective on the desert.
Unmasking the Snapping Turtle { Swamp Thing: Unmasking the Snapping Turtle}
Often the hunted and not the hunter, these surprisingly graceful denizens of ponds and streams can live more than a hundred years and weigh in at 200 pounds.
Ten Years After [ Exxon Valdez] { In the Wake of the Spill: Ten Years After [ Exxon Valdez] }
Ten years after the Exxon Valdez fouled 1, 300 miles of Alaska coastline, the oil spill’s impact on wildlife – – and human lives – – is still being calculated.
El Niño/ La Niña: Nature’s Vicious Cycle
Improved warning systems have reduced the destruction, but the periodic warming and cooling of Pacific waters continue to blast the globe with deadly storms.
Steller’s Sea- Eagles { The Russian Realm of Steller’s Sea- Eagles}
These powerful raptors build nests as big as king- size beds and feast on rich salmon runs in Russia’s Far East.

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