National Geographic March 1976


Patagonia { A Wild Shore Where Two Worlds Meet; Patagonia’s Wild Shore: Where Two Worlds Meet}
Spectacular color portraits of the denizens of Patagonia’s coast are brought back by wildlife photographers Des and Jen Bartlett.
Canterbury Cathedral
A medieval masterpiece remains the heart of the Church of England. Kenneth MacLeish and Thomas Nebbia explore its past and present glory.
Patagonia { Argentina Protects Its Wildlife Treasures}
Zoologist William G. Conway reports on a remote, little- known frontier of natural wonders – – and heartening efforts to safeguard it.
Sicily, Where All the Songs Are Sad
Howard La Fay and Jonathan Blair roam a history- haunted Mediterranean island made melancholy by centuries of exploitation.
Patagonia { At Home With Right Whales}
A Society- aided study of the southern right whale is pursued by Roger and Katy Payne, along with their luckiest children on earth.
Solar Energy, the Ultimate Powerhouse
John L. Wilhelm and Emory Kristof document science’s efforts to fulfill an ancient dream by trapping the limitless power of the sun.
Indiana’s Self- reliant Uplanders
Ax, plow, anvil, and gun are still tools of life for many in the Hoosier State’s southern hills. James Alexander Thom and J. Bruce Baumann visit a region that clings to yesterday.
Frost, Nature’s Icing
Natural science photographer Robert F. Sisson peers into the delicate world of frozen vapor.

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