National Geographic March 1966


Hot- Air Balloons Race on Silent Winds
In Nevada, balloonists race and play, creating spectacular patterns in the clear desert skies.
New Book Program Announced by National Geographic { Special Publications; Adventure, Science, History, Exploration Spring to Life in Your Society’s New Program of Special Publications}
The Society’s new publishing program offers four hardcover books a year. The first subjects: the Nile, the Caribbean, chimpanzees, and U. S. Presidents.
An American in Russia’s Capital
Living for months in Moscow as an ordinary citizen, an exchange scholar comes to understand the Soviets’ pride in their metropolis and its link to their country’s history.
Making Friends With a Killer Whale
A 24- foot killer whale, named Namu, caught in salmon nets off British Columbia, accepts a diver’s touch, a first for a huge marine predator.
Cajunland, Louisiana’s French- speaking Coast
French serves as a passport for a newcomer among the Cajuns of coastal Louisiana, descendants of French exiles from Acadia ( Nova Scotia) in 1755.

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