National Geographic March 1939


Sparrows, Towhees, and Longspurs: These Happy Little Singers Make Merry in Field, Forest, and Desert Throughout North America
Though small, these 30 species of sparrows, towhees, buntings, junkos, and longspurs produce jubilant song.
Bali and Points East: Crowded, Happy Isles of the Flores Sea Blend Rice Terraces, Dance Festivals, and Amazing Music in Their Pattern of Living
On Bali, a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean, musicians, farmers, and artisans live in thatched huts near stone temples, deer, wild hogs, and tigers.
Charleston: Where Mellow Past and Present Meet
Situated between the Cooper and Ashley Rvers since 1680 and surrounded by cotton fields, South Carolina’s capital of the plantations is a city of Georgian architecture and giant oaks dripping with Spanish moss.
The Smallest State in the World: Vatican City on Its 108 Acres Is a Complete Sovereignty Internationally Recognized
Embedded in Rome, Vatican City became a sovereign state in 1929. It is home to the pope as well as museum treasures by Michelangelo and other Italian masters.

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