National Geographic June 2020


National Geographic June 2020 Highlights:

The Last Voices of World War II

More than 66 million military men and women served in World War II, and countless civilians also figured in the war effort. To mark the 75th anniversary of the war’s end, National Geographic shares portraits and stories of some of the last surviving witnesses.

Hiroshima Memories

Nearly 75 years after a nuclear bomb blast devastated it, the city tries to move on from what it cannot forget.

Emperor Penguins

As sea ice dwindles, the species is marching toward extinction.

Taking the Lead

Women’s role in politics is mandated in some nations – but can be violently thwarted.

Air Time

Skateboards go global.

Inside the Quarantine

As the coronavirus ravaged Italy, a photographer in Milan found a way to take portraits of subjects in self-quarantine – from afar.

Satire and Science

Controversial issues are no joke – but treating them satirically can help change minds.

A Last Whale Tale

The beluga was well trained and friendly. Was he also a spy?

Jordan’s Epic Trek

The Jordan Trail crosses the country, through deserts to the Red Sea.

Coastal Connection

Denmark, a nation of 406 islands, is largely surrounded by water and blessed with coastlines of all kinds.

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