National Geographic June 1975


New Life for the Troubled Suez Canal
Dredges, cranes, and minesweeping helicopters help reopen one of the world’s crucial ship channels. William Graves and Jonathan Blair report on Egypt’s bold plan for the waterway.
Andalusia, the Spirit of Spain
In the homeland of brave bulls, foot- stamping flamenco, and plangent guitars, Howard La Fay and Joseph J. Scherschel capture the living image of old Spain.
Strange March of the Spiny Lobster
Why does a colony of crustaceans migrate, single file and usually southward? Florida marine biologists try to find out. By William F. Herrnkind, Rick Frehsee, and Bruce Mounier.
Our Last Great Wilderness { Preserving America’s Last Great Wilderness}
National parklands would double with proposed addition of 32 million acres of Alaska’s surpassingly beautiful wilds. A photographic portfolio, with text by David Jeffery.
Alaska: Rising Northern Star
Joseph Judge assesses the people, problems, and promise of a state come of age and seeking to apportion its vast natural bounty. Photographs by Bruce Dale.
Flight to Venus and Mercury { Mariner Unveils Venus and Mercury}
Seen only dimly through earthbound telescopes, our planet’s inner sisters reveal startling details to the television eyes of a spindly spacecraft. Science editor Kenneth F. Weaver describes the voyage of Mariner 10.

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