National Geographic June 1968


Trek by Mule Among Morocco’s Berbers
The High Atlas Mountains have sheltered villagers of a distinct ethnic group of unknown origin since before the Arab invasion that converted them to Islam.
Mexico’s Little Venice
Built on rings of canals, the circular island- village of Mexcaltitan on the San Pedro Delta resembles descriptions of the Aztec capital on the site of what is now Mexico City.
Tracking Danger With the Ice Patrol
Like an international watchdog, a group of low- flying Hercules HC- 130B’s monitors icebergs in the North Atlantic to help prevent collisions with vessels, like the one that sank Titanic.
Character Marks the Coast of Maine
Salty humor characterizes the New Englanders along the jagged shore that winds an incredible 3, 478 miles from New Hampshire to New Brunswick.
Vienna, City of Song
A staff writer born and raised in the Austrian capital, finds the city rebuilt from World War II ruin and reveling in its arts and crafts, social clubs, and musical traditions.

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