National Geographic June 1965


Saigon: Eye of the Storm
A staff writer and photographer observe an abortive coup by rebellious officers of the South Vietnamese Army in February 1965. They report on the belligerents and the complex political situation in the war- buffeted capital of South Vietnam.
Alaska’s Marine Highway: Ferry Route to the North
Through rivers of ice to glacial crevasse, ferries carry tourists and freight to isolated towns in Alaska’s panhandle by way of Inside Passage, a marine throughway to the North.
Moths That Behave Like Hummingbirds
While photographing hummingbirds with an automatic camera, the author finds a sphinx moth. He sets up a home lab and studies the behavior and life cycle of night- flying Protoparce sexta.
The Living Sand
Wind- driven dunes, that creep inland from Cape Henlopen on the Delaware coast, harbor a teeming world of insects.
Wales, Land of Bards
A detailed look at the history, economy, and landmarks of this principality of Britain reveals a land that clings to its Celtic roots and Welsh language.

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