National Geographic June 1934


The Society Awards Hubbard Medal to Anne Morrow Lindbergh
In recognition of her work as copilot and radio operator on two trailblazing flights with her husband, Anne Morrow Lindbergh receives the Society’s tenth Hubbard Gold Medal.
Coral Castle Builders of Tropic Seas
Four fathoms deep in the ocean, the author and his team study the vibrant coral reefs of the Bahamas with plans to re- create a reef in an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.
An Unbeliever Joins the Hadj: On the Age- Old Pilgrimage to Mecca, Babies Are Born, Elders Die, and Families May Halt a Year to Earn Funds in Distant Lands
Traveling from Khartoum to Jidda ( Jeddah) with a band of Muslim pilgrims, the author relates details of the ritualized ride by ship and camel caravan that remains a life’s goal for the faithful.
A Patriotic Pilgrimage to Eastern National Parks: History and Beauty Live Along Paved Roads, Once Indian Trails, Through Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia
A trip to stir the blood of the patriot and invite the soul of the Nature lover, the Eastern National Park- to- Park Highway winds from Washington, D. C. , to Hodgenville, Kentucky, and back, curling into Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Vir
Nature’s Most Amazing Mammal: Elephants, Unique Among Animals, Have Many Human Qualities When Wild That Make Them Foremost Citizens of Zoo and Circus
Using their test tube trunks to touch, taste, and smell, generally genial elephants in captivity delight observers yet fall victim to hunters in the wild.

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