National Geographic July 2006


Downside of Upright { Human Body; The Downside of Upright}
All those aching backs may be trying to tell us something: It’s part of the price we pay for walking on two legs. BY JENNIFER ACKERMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
Rome’s Basement { In Rome’s Basement}
Sloshing through sewers and crawling down long- lost passages, urban adventurers investigate the mysteries of an ancient city. BY PAUL BENNETT PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN L. ALVAREZ
Dance Across America { Dance; Shall We Dance? }
From ballet to break- dance, from the hora to hip- hop, this country stays moving on the dance floor. BY CATHY NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIAN LANKER
Blackbeard’s Shipwreck { Blackbeard Lives}
Archaeologists search a North Carolina wreck for clues to the ruthless man behind the heartless pirate. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
Our Coasts in Crisis { Land on the Edge; State of the Coasts; Loving Our Coasts to Death}
America’s coastlines are in danger of being loved to death. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY TYRONE TURNER

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