National Geographic July 2004


Peru’s Temple of Doom { Temple of Doom; Peruvian Temple of Doom}
Temple of Doom In a mud- brick pyramid on the coast of Peru, elaborate reliefs tell a gory tale of human sacrifice and offer insights into the Moche culture, which vanished 500 years before the Inca. BY PETER GWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK
Wind Scorpions, Desert Speedsters { Big Bite}
Wind Scorpions Massive jaws, voracious appetite, and sprinters’speed attest that these aggressive desert dwellers are built to kill. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK W. MOFFETT
An Economy Built on Cocaine { Cocaine Country}
Cocaine Country An illegal cash crop sustains local farmers and a 40- year- old guerrilla movement in southern Colombia. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARLOS VILLALON
A Stormy Star { Sun Bursts: Hot News From Our Stormy Star; The Sun: Living With a Stormy Star}
A Stormy Star Our life- giving sun throws tempests that can scramble modern technology. New telescopes and satellites let scientists probe the secrets of the temperamental star. BY CURT SUPLEE SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: THE SUN
33856: No Dogs Allowed { ZipUSA: Life After Letters; ZipUSA: Nalcrest, Florida}
ZipUSA: Nalcrest, FL Neither rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops folks from living large at the unofficial retirement com- munity of the National Association of Letter Carriers. BY MELBA NEWSOME PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
Olympic, a Gold Medal Park { Olympic National Park; Nature’s Champion: Olympic National Park}
Olympic National Park Cloaked in fog and drenched by rain and snowmelt, a lush sanctuary at the northwest tip of Washington State safeguards some of Earth’s largest trees. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY MELISSA FARLOW
Barabaig of Tanzania { Elephant Hunt; Toe- to- Toe With Tanzania’s Elephants; Hunting for Glory With the Barabaig of Tanzania}
Elephant Hunt Armed only with spears, Barabaig men in Tanza- nia hunt elephants to prove themselves and gain favor with women. BY DEMETRA APOSPOROS PHOTOGRAPHS BY GILLES NICOLET


Special Supplement: The Sun { NEW VIEWS OF OUR SUN ( side 1) }(20 x 31 inches)
Included: Images of the sun captured at varying degrees of temperature ( 4, 500┬░ to over 2 million┬░ centigrade) ; solar eclipse showing chromosphere; x- ray view of the corona captured by the Japanese satellite Yohkoh, known as sunbeam. ; Also include
Special Supplement: The Sun { EXPLORING SPACE WEATHER ( side 2) }(20 x 31 inches)
Contents: Cutaway image of the sun at time of a coronal mass ejection; the CME’ s path to Earth and beyond is shown; notes: Star Power, Magnetic Dynamo, Daily Space Weather, Four- Alarm Storms, Time Until Impact, Earth’ s Defenses, Backdoor Connection, a

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