National Geographic July 1993


New Zoos- -Taking Down the Bars
Amid public clamor over the plight of animals, zoos are being transformed from menageries to modern arks. Innovative exhibits and breeding programs bring praise – – and new concerns.
Cyprus: A Time of Reckoning
Long- standing rivalry between Turkish and Greek Cypriots threatens to erupt again on this sun- drenched Mediterranean island as the UN weighs cutbacks in its peacekeeping forces.
Lightning, Nature’s High- voltage Spectacle
Striking the earth a hundred times each second, the torrent of electricity known as lightning can pack hundreds of millions of volts in flash – – energy that will likely remain forever beyond our reach.
Northern California { California’s North Face}
Grand convergence of ocean, mountain, and forest, northern California has everything but crowds. A double- sided map supplement on the entire state reveals its star qualities.
Saving Siberia’s Tigers
Rescued by a Russian- U. S. study team, two orphaned tiger cubs find asylum at the Omaha zoo. Near Vladivostok the researchers fight to save the last habitat of the world’s largest cats.

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