National Geographic July 1978


Lake Erie Isles { Lake Erie’s Bass Islands; Yesterday Lingers on Lake Erie’s Bass Islands}
Good fishing, good wine, and a slice of Ohio’s yesterday enchant Terry and Lyntha Eiler.
Sailing With the Supertankers { Giants That Move the World’s Oil: Supertankers}
Awesome giants move the world’s oil, but each represents a potential disaster. Noel Grove and Martin Rogers report.
Is This the Tomb of Philip of Macedon? { Seeking the Tomb of Philip of Macedon; Regal Treasures From a Macedonian Tomb}
Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronicos finds exquisite paintings, gold caskets, and bones that could be those of the father of Alexander the Great. Photographs by Spyros Tsavdaroglou.
Black Day for Brittany { World’s Worst Spill; Superspill: Black Day for Brittany}
World’s biggest oil spill results when a tanker breaks apart on coastal rocks.
How Earth and Moon Look to a Space Voyager { Portrait of Planet Earth; Voyager’s Historic View of Earth and Moon}
En route to Jupiter, NASA’s Voyager 1 pictures our world and moon as never before.
Grand Canyon: Are We Loving It to Death?
A spectacular 14- page portfolio by Associate Editor W. E. Garrett captures the grandeur that draws three million visitors a year. But that same attraction poses a question. ..
Festival in Japan { Day of the Rice God: A Folk Festival in Rural Japan}
Drums and pipes herald a Japanese festival. Photos by H. Edward Kim; text by Douglas Lee.
Palau’s Dazzling Corals { Dazzling Corals of Palau}
Douglas Faulkner photographs a vast underwater garden in the Pacific that has become an environmental battleground. Text by Thomas O’ Neill.

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