National Geographic July 1958


The Thames Mirrors England’s Varied Life
From pastoral beginnings in the Cotswold Hills, where Willard Price follows its trickle to the boat- filled highway coursing under London Bridge, this river flows with history and commerce.
West from the Khyber Pass: Threading 4, 000 Miles of Southwest Asia’s Dusty Roads, the Author Renews His Friendship with the People of the Moslem World
U. S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas indulges his passion for other cultures, in a driving tour from Pakistan to Turkey.
DEW Line, Sentry of the Far North
Fifty radar stations, in a string from Alaska to Baffin Island, stand ready to alert Canada and the United States of an enemy air invasion.
The Past Is Present in Greenfield Village
Thomas Edison’s laboratory and outbuildings – – including the world’s first Edison- lighted house – – are but a few of the many structures Henry Ford assembled near Dearborn, Michigan, as part of a village showcasing his collection of Americana.

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