National Geographic July 1952


Playing 3, 000 Golf Courses in Fourteen Lands: Tramping 27, 000 Miles of Fairway in 42 Years, a Globe- trotting Businessman Explores the Varied Geography of Golf
Over the course of 42 years, Ralph Kennedy has played over 27, 000 miles of fairway and explored the varied geography of golf in 14 countries and the 48 contiguous U. S. states. For his 3, 000th course, he chose the old course at the Royal and Ancient Go
Over the Sea to Scotland’s Skye: Bagpipes Welcome Devoted Highlanders Home to the Moors and Hills of the Hebrides’ Misty Isle
Skye Week is an annual celebration on the Misty Isle of Scotland’s Hebrides. During this week, descendants of emigrants from Skye return to their ancestral home to celebrate with a week of games, reunions, and fairs.
[ North Star] Cruises Alaska’s Wild West: Gay- hearted Eskimos Welcome the Annual Supply Ship to Lonely U. S. Shores That Face Siberia
The North Star delivers supplies and equipment to some of Alaska’s most remote outposts in an annual voyage along 2, 000 miles of coastline. The ship also carries a doctor and nurse to care for inhabitants’ ills.
The Mohawks Scrape the Sky
Mohawk Indians, famous for their lack of fear at high altitudes, work the high iron as construction workers, helping to raise some of New York City’s tallest buildings.
Today on the Delaware, Penn’s Glorious River
From its humble beginnings in New York, the Delaware River heads south into Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Water reserves, recreation, farmlands, factories, and a great port measure its bounty today.
Strange Babies of the Sea: Scientists Are Slowly Solving the Mysteries of Plankton, the Ocean’s Vast Underwater Pasturage
Since July 1950 the National Geographic Society and the University of Miami have cooperated in a study of the plankton found in the coral reefs off Miami Beach. One of the scientists describes the results of this investigation.

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