National Geographic July 1938


Over the Roof of Our Continent
The National Geographic Society sponsors flights over the highest mountain range in North America to photograph Alaska’s Mount McKinley, which rises some 20, 300 feet.
Men- Birds Soar on Boiling Air
Glider planes fly without motors, buoyed aloft by warm air currents.
Pilgrims Still Stop at Plymouth
Pivotal to Britain’s sea trade, Plymouth is today a thriving port on the English Channel.
Roads from Washington
Within driving distance of Washington, D. C. are shadowy Virginia caves, sunny Delaware beaches, quiet Pennsylvania Dutch farms, busy streets of Baltimore and Philadelphia, and islands inhabited by wild ponies.
Guam- -Perch of the China Clippers
A lush island of thatched roofs, waterfalls, and coconut groves 5, 000 miles from the United States, Guam, situated on the old trade route of Spanish galleons, is now a vital link in Pacific air travel.

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