National Geographic July 1934


Blackbirds and Orioles
Legacies from South America, migratory birds such as orioles and blackbirds winter in warm climates but return regularly to northern breeding grounds.
Country- House Life in Sweden: In Castle and Cottage the Landed Gentry Gallantly Keep the Old Traditions
Though beset by agricultural hardships, Swedish landowners sustain their historic estates, havens of traditional domestic life and particularly lavish Christmas celebrations.
World’s Largest Free Balloon to Explore Stratosphere
Constructed with two and a third acres of rubberized cotton cloth, a gigantic balloon carrying scientists and a photographer in a lightweight metal gondola prepares to lift off for a 12- hour flight.
Western National Parks Invite America Out of Doors
Spurting geysers, mysterious cliff dwellings, and monolithic mountains draw visitors to the western United States, where national parks preserve a festival of natural wonders.
Madeira the Florescent
Barely more than 30 miles long, the tiny island of Madeira cultivates large crops of tourists with lush, brilliant flora, delicate handicrafts, and world- renowned wine.

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