National Geographic January 2023


National Geographic January 2023

The featured article in this issue of National Geographic Magazine is “Living longer and better: How science could change the way we age.” The article explores the history of humans chasing the dream of eternal youth and how life expectancy has more than doubled since 1900. It also discusses the current state of research on “curing” aging and what the future may hold in terms of extending human life.

“Red, White, and Blue Zones” the author has found the world’s “blue zones,” with the longest-lived people and he’s now uncovering an American diet for longevity.

“For the love of Manatees,” discusses the resurgence of the manatee population and the ongoing threats they face. Despite their recovery, manatees still face challenges such as habitat loss and boat strikes. The article highlights the work being done to protect these animals and ensure their continued survival.

“The King of Mustang Will See you Now” takes a look at the Himalayan kingdom of Mustang and its recent opening to outsiders. The article delves into the rich cultural heritage of the region, including its antiquities, and the potential impact of tourism on the local way of life.

“Ramping Up Tradition” covers the unique fusion of Indigenous Bolivian culture and skateboarding, as young women use traditional clothing and accessories to express themselves on their skateboards. The article explores how this new dimension of skateboarding is empowering these women and preserving their cultural heritage.

“Portraits that truly see them” is a photographic collaboration with a group of women with special needs, challenging stereotypes and showcasing their individuality.

“Lujan Agusti” photographs the underappreciated, such as peatlands that act as carbon sinks, and the importance to protect these natural treasures.

“Best of the World” presents a selection of inspiring destinations around the world that offer a chance to discover new cultures and support local communities. This issue of National Geographic Magazine offers a diverse range of stories, from science and technology to culture and tradition, and from the natural world to the human experience. Each article provides readers with a unique perspective on the world and the people who inhabit it.

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