National Geographic January 2005


ZipUSA: Hot Coffee, MS { 39428: A Java Junkie’s Quest for True Brew; ZipUSA: 39428; ZipUSA: Hot Coffee Road, Mississippi}
ZipUSA: 39428 Travel down Mississippi’s Hot Coffee Road on a java junkie’s quest for true brew. BY PETER GWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY BOB SACHA
Morocco’s Mountain Berbers { A People Apart; Among the Berbers: A Journey Through Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains}
A People Apart Isolated in Morocco’s High Atlas range, the mountain Berbers take pride in holding on to a traditional culture now largely lost to their urban kin. But life is still a hard climb in these rugged hills. BY JEFFREY TAYLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALE
What’s the Buzz? { Why We Love Caffeine; Caffeine}
What’s the Buzz? Slurped in black coffee or sipped in green tea, gulped down in a soda or knocked back in a headache pill, caffeine is the world’s most popular psychoactive drug. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY BOB SACHA
Growing Up Cheetah { Mama Cat}
Growing Up Cheetah Vigilant mother cheetahs in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve must fight the odds- and stronger predators- as they raise their cubs on the run. BY CAROL KAUFMANN PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP AND MANO] SHAH
Yosemite- -Grace Under Pressure { Yosemite National Park: Beyond the Valley of Wonders}
Yosemite- Grace Under Pressure Breaking free from the crush of tourists in the beloved national park can lead you to a tranquil time and place beyond the valley of wonders. BY WILLIAM LEAST HEAT- MOON PHOTOGRAPHS BY PHIL SCHERMEISTER
Italy Before the Romans
Italy Before the Romans In the centuries leading up to the birth of the empire, ancient Italy saw the rise and fall of a host of cultures- Umbrians, Samnites, Faliscans, and others. All left their mark on the life of the modern country. Now archaeologist

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