National Geographic January 1987


Medicine’s New Vision
Incredible machines that can peer into the human body as never before are helping physicians save lives. Veteran journalist Howard Sochurek describes these new technologies from firsthand experiences.
California Desert, A Worldly Wilderness
Author Barry Lopez and photographer Craig Aurness explore a fragile domain where competing interests of industry, the military, and the public have sparked a broad effort to manage the land.
Ice on the World
Advancing and retreating over the eons, water in its solid state has helped shape earth’s face and climate. Senior Assistant Editor Samuel W. Matthews explores the role of ice from the Arctic to the South Pole.
Slovakia’s Spirit of Survival
Traveling the mountains of eastern Czechoslovakia, photojournalists Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott discover the old ways lingering in a changing land.
Glaciers on the Move
Why does Alaska’s mighty Hubbard race forward while neighboring Columbia retreats? The case of the contrary glaciers intrigues scientists, who seek keys to icemass dynamics. John L. Eliot reports; photographs by Chris Johns.

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