National Geographic January 1983


Hometown Washington, D. C. { Washington, D. C. : Hometown Behind the Monuments}
Skirting pomp and politics, Henry Mitchell leads an easy- gaited ramble through the city he calls home, introducing a melange of humanity with viewpoints both on and off the standard curve. With photographs by Adam Woolfitt.
Tropical Rain Forests { Rain Forests: Nature’s Dwindling Treasures; Nature’s Dwindling Treasures}
Peter T. White follows the Equator to assess mounting losses within the world’s most complex ecosystems. Political and economic pressures cast doubt on the forests’ fate, even as scientists begin to comprehend their global significance. Photographs by;
Tropical Rain Forests { Teeming Life of a Rain Forest}
Lizards that sprint across water, toads gleaming like jewels, ant- repelling wasps, and other survival specialists are found at home in a Costa Rican rain forest by Carol and David Hughes.
What Future for the Wayanas? { What Future for the Wayana Indians? }
Movable markers in a border dispute, tempted by spirits of the modern world, the Wayana Indians of South America search for a future with tradition and dignity. Article and photographs by Carole Devillers.

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