National Geographic January 1953


Exotic Birds in Manhattan’s Bowery: Rare Specimens from Remote Places, Destined for Zoos and Aviaries, Flash Their Colors in a New York Distribution Center
Exotic birds in transit from remote places, and destined for zoos and aviaries, find a temporary perch in the urban offices of a noted bird importer.
From Spear to Hoe on Groote Eylandt: At a Lonely Outpost of Stone Age Arnhem Land, Once- nomadic Australian Aborigines Settle Down to Farm Life
At a lonely outpost of Stone- Age Arnhem Land in remote northern Australia, Aborigines are making the slow transition from nomadic life to farming.
Trailing Cosmic Rays in Canada’s North: 20 Miles Aloft over Hudson Bay, Scientists Find Clues to Origin of High- speed Atomic Particles That Bombard Earth
The cosmic ray expedition, sponsored by the National Geographic Society and the Bartol Research Foundation, used high- altitude, manned, hot- air balloons to investigate high- speed subatomic particles that bombard Earth.
Happy- Go- Lucky Trinidad and Tobago: Britain’s Caribbean Colony, Busy Source of Oil, Sugar, and Cacao, Finds Time for Calypsoes and Cricket
Britain’s Caribbean colony, busy source of oil, sugar, and cacao, finds time for calypsos and cricket, as well as tourists.
First Photographs of Planets and Moon Taken with Palomar’s 200- inch Telescope
The magazine features some of the first photographs of the moon and other planets taken with the 200- inch Hale reflector telescope at Mount Palomar Observatory.
Across the Potomac from Washington: Growing Pains Afflict Arlington County and Alexandria as the Nation’s Capital Overflows into Near- by Virginia
Growing pains afflict Arlington County and the city of Alexandria, as the nation’s capital overflows into nearby Virginia. Chief cause of the overflow is the Pentagon, which occupies 34 acres, and fills with over 32, 000 defense workers each day.
Tropical Gardens of Key West
Key West, Florida, is home to the nation’s southernmost flower show. This display of exotic blossoms opens in March, when most of the nation is still blanketed in snow.

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