National Geographic January 1939


I Kept House in a Jungle: The Spell of Primeval Tropics in Venezuela, Riotous With Strange Plants, Animals, and Snakes, Enthralls a Young American Woman
Surrounded by tropical jungle 250 miles east of Caracas, a woman describes her home, which was occasionally visited by snakes, tarantulas, and other creatures.
The Texas Delta of an American Nile: Orchards and Gardens Replace Thorny Jungle in the Southmost Tip of the Lone Star State
The lush Rio Grande Delta’s alluvial soil, irrigation, and warm sunshine help to keep the area blanketed with citrus trees and vegetable farms.
The Transformation of Turkey: New Hats and New Alphabet are the Surface Symbols of the Swiftest National Changes in Modern Times
Shedding Islamic customs, Turkey’s unveiled women and energetic businessmen wear modern dress yet preserve their ancient mosques, mosaics, and rug- weaving traditions.

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