National Geographic January 1926


On the Trail of the Air Mail: A Narrative of the Experiences of the Flying Couriers Who Relay the Mail Across America at a Speed of More than 2, 000 Miles a Day
In the trailblazing tradition of the Pony Express, the United States Transcontinental Air Mail Service puts bold pilots to work crossing the country along a route between New York and San Francisco, with connecting commercial routes to come.
Measuring the Sun’s Heat and Forecasting the Weather: The National Geographic Society to Maintain a Solar Station in a Remote Part of the World to Coo?perate with Smithsonian Institution Stations in California and Chile.
The National Geographic Society offers to build, equip, and support a solar observatory so that the effects of the sun’s radiation can be more accurately studied.
Man’s Feathered Friends of Longest Standing: Peoples of Every Clime and Age Have Lavished Care and Affection Upon Lovely Pigeons
War heroes, elegant garden pets, or public nuisances, pigeon species around the world continue to link their lives with humans.

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