National Geographic June 1921


A New National Geographic Society Expedition: Ruins of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Nature- Made Treasure- Chest of Aboriginal American History, To Be Excavated and Studied; Work Begins This Month
An attempt to understand the lives, customs, and agriculture of the mysterious people who once inhabited these vast communal dwellings in remote northwestern New Mexico rivals earlier Society- sponsored expeditions, such as Machu Picchu and the Valley of
Scenes from America’s Southwest
Towering sandstone cliffs, lndian pueblos of dozens of rooms, and the majestic Painted Desert are some of the sights of this intriguing historic land.
The Grand Canyon Bridge
Amazing new panoramas will be accessible to visitors after the long- awaited opening of a 500- foot suspension span over the Colorado River gorge.
Across the Equator with the American Navy
The U. S. battleship fleet’s winter maneuvers help make American sailors the best fighting men that ever crawled into a turret.
Familiar Grasses and Their Flowers
Eight of the more than 10, 000 species of the grass family are highlighted with striking color illustrations.

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