National Geographic January 1924


A Visit to Carlsbad Cavern: Recent Explorations of a Limestone Cave in the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico Reveal a Natural Wonder of the First Magnitude
It’s not often that a discovery is made of a world- class natural wonder, but 30 miles from the little town of Carlsbad, New Mexico, a cavern has been found with an ornamented world of awesome beauty. Above this underground marvel, moreover, grows deser
Adventures Among the Lost Tribes of Islam in Eastern Darfur: A Personal Narrative of Exploring, Mapping, and Setting Up a Government in the Anglo- Egyptian Sudan Borderland
The district commissioner of a remote western region of Anglo- Egyptian Sudan sets up administrative headquarters and observes the local life.
The Conquest of the Sahara by the Automobile
Soon the camel will face a competitor for desert travel – – the automobile. A caravan of five Citroen caterpillar tractors reduced the usual three months it takes to cross from southern Algeria to Timbuktu to just 20 days.
Reelfoot- -An Earthquake Lake
A lake in Tennessee’s Indian Country was formed by the New Madrid quake of 1811 – – or, according to legend, as the gods’ retribution when a Chickasaw chief kidnapped a Choctaw princess. The area has become a haven for fish, game, and migratory waterfow
Timbuktu, in the Sands of the Sahara
This ancient, sun- baked city of 8, 000 is the focus of west- central Africa’s caravan trade – – and a beggars’ haven.

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