National Geographic February 1958


The Bahamas, Isles of the Blue- green Sea: Once the Lair of Pirates and Smugglers, These Subtropical Islands Shelter Yachtsmen, Sun- seekers, and Burgeoning New Industry
The Bahamian capital of Nassau, and the construction of a new town called Freeport, herald the development of a premier vacation spot.
Arizona’s Window on Wildlife: Near Tucson’s Desert Museum a Small Water Hole Lures Wild Animals Within 10 Feet of Human Watchers and Their Cameras
Under cover of night, camera- wielding visitors stake out a water hole to catch desert creatures on film.
Exploring Our Neighbor World, the Moon: A Noted Astronomer Foresees the Day When Man Will Set Foot on Our Satellite’s Eerie Moonscape
Astronomer Donald Menzel describes a landscape known only through the telescope.
Huntington Library, California Treasure House: A Railroad Magnate’s Priceless Gift to Posterity Includes Rarities Ranging from Cactus Plants to Medieval Manuscripts
The 15th- century Gutenberg Bible is but one jewel in a fabulous treasury of books, fine art, and furnishings housed at railroad magnate Henry Huntington’s estate.
Marsh Dwellers of Southern Iraq: Primitive Ma’ dan, Building Cathedral- like Houses of Reeds, Share a Watery Domain with Buffaloes and Wild Boars
Wilfred Thesiger lives among the feared Madan, people of Arabian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Persian descent who inhabit reed houses in a watery wasteland.

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