National Geographic February 1955


From Sea to Sahara in French Morocco: Jet Planes Lace Vapor Trails over Modern Farms, but in the Markets of Marrakech You Can Buy an Evil Eye for Three Cents
Jet planes lace vapor trails over modern farms, but in the markets of Marrakech you can buy an evil eye for three cents.
Okinawa, the Island Rebuilt
Americans aid determined Okinawans in rebuilding schools, homes, and rice beds.
Sonora Is Jumping: Men Hunt Strategic Minerals, Buried Treasure, Big Game Fish, and Jumping Beans in Mexico’s Northwest
Men hunt strategic minerals, buried treasure, big game fish, and jumping beans in Mexico’s northwest.
Roaming India’s Naga Hills: Friendly Tribesmen, Strange Birds and Animals, and Occasional Headhunters Inhabit the Rugged Assam- Burma Borderland
Zoologist S. Dillon Ripley combs the hills for native birds and rare deer, encountering friendly tribal peoples along the rugged Assam- Burma borderland.
Cities Like Worcester Make America: From the Village Blacksmith to New England’s Largest Inland Metropolis, This Community Has Grown with Industry and Yankee Ingenuity
New England’s largest inland metropolis produces aircraft parts and textiles, academics and engineers with Yankee ingenuity.

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