National Geographic February 1942


Life with an Indian Prince: As Guests of a Maharaja’s Brother, Two Young American Naturalists Study Age- old Methods of Hunting with Trained Falcons and Cheetahs and Savor the Pomp of Royal India
As guests of an Indian prince who shares their interest in falconry, American twin brothers spend three months learning about falconry and hunting in India.
Parade of Life Through the Ages: Records in Rocks Reveal a Strange Procession of Prehistoric Creatures, from Jellyfish to Dinosaurs, Giant Sloths, Saber- toothed Tigers, and Primitive Man
Fossils help scientists piece together the history of dinosaurs, mammoths, early birds, and primitive mammals.
Taming Flood Dragons Along China’s Hwang Ho
Redirected in 1938 to prevent Japanese advance, the 2, 500- mile course of the Hwang Ho, or Yellow River, has flooded the plains of China, forcing farmers to build dikes to save their crops.
Facts about the Philippines
The lush, mineral- rich Philippines, 7, 083 islands in the Pacific with a population of 16 million, were recently invaded by Japan.

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