National Geographic February 1936


Approach to Peiping
The walled city of Peiping ( Beijing) is replete with temples, pagodas and pavilions that illustrate its 3, 000- year history.
Bahama Holiday
In the British- owned Bahamas, a collection of jungle- green islands, cays, and rocks, residents make a simple living from the ocean and its beauty.
New Zealand Down Under
First settled by Maoris, who named their home the long, bright land, New Zealand is a land of geysers, volcanoes, snowy peaks, waterfalls, and lush pine forests.
Man’s Oldest Ally, the Dog: Since Cave- Dweller Days This Faithful Friend Has Shared the Work, Exploration, and Sport of Humankind
For centuries, dogs – – including the 17 species of terriers and schnauzers described here – – have accompanied humans, assisting in exploration and household chores.

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